Guitar Player Magazine, July 2016

"Let it Slide"

EP Cover for Lee Roy Parnell

© Cynthia Boulanger

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Cover Photo: Cynthia Boulanger

Several Performance, Recording, Guitar and Gear Photos: Cynthia Boulanger

It includes 19 complete transcriptions of some of Carl’s most popular songs in standard notation and TAB. Also included are 25 charts from the original recording sessions with updated live versions and performance notes written by Carl. Each detailed transcription begins with pointers from Carl and master transcriber Jay Henson and includes photos of the guitars used on the original track.

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Cynthia Boulanger Photography & Video

Cynthia Boulanger Photography & Video

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Energetic Productions Inc.

Energy From The Vacuum™ Science Series Included but was not Limited to: Photography, Videography, Scrip-Writing, Voice-Over and Post Production. Responsibilities Varied Due to the Need of the Individual DVD.