"Cindy is a brilliant photographer with a great eye for composition!  She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommended her for both performance and candid photography!  I first met Cindy in 2009 and have used her shots for a variety of purposes." Joe Robinson

"Cynthia Boulanger's beautiful photography turned my otherwise technical music book full of notes and lyrics into something worthy of the coffee table in a fine home. She gets the best out of her subjects with her easy manner and sensitive eye for color and contrast. Her pictures garnished my Songbook like saffron garnishes a fine Spanish paella.  And as you probably know, I'm just mad about saffron"   Carl Verheyen (Supertramp, Carl Verheyen Band...)

"I’ve interacted with a lot of fine photographers in my long and varied musical career — album covers, awards shows, press, etc. — and  Cynthia Boulanger is one of the most artistic, personable and easy-to-work-with camera-wielders I’ve had the pleasure to be around. I love Cindy for her unobtrusive and efficient working style, positive energy and an easy smile that always put her subjects at ease.  That would be recommendation enough in my book, but damn, she always gets such terrific shots!  My wife and I collect art photography, so I’ve always been an appreciator of great photographers and their work.  I’m a huge admirer of Cindy Boulanger as an artist and a human being.  Thanks Cindy!”   Mark Selby

​"Cindy did an excellent job taking head shots of our executives.  She was professional, easy to work with and the photographs were top notch." Lisa Sims, Vice President, Project Manager, Enterprise Business & Community Engagement, Bank of America

"Working with Cindy is an absolute joy.  She brings the perfect balance of creativity, professionalism and a personal touch to each project.  The photos that she recently shot of my jazz band are just incredible and we couldn't be happier.  Cindy is the best!"
Stevie Distanislao ( David Gilmour, Crosby/Nash, Kenny Loggins, Don Felder, Joe Walsh...)

​"I always look forward to having Cynthia Boulanger photographing my performance on stage. I like her style!"  Robert VuDu Man Sarzo (Queenseyche, Hurricane)


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